Oh hey first post.

I created this blog as an addendum to the site I just finished, http://mlrsn.com. The site will be overhauled very shortly, I just had to finish and upload it very quickly for a web class critique earlier today. I understand coding but am only able to design to my coding abilities. Soon I will design the website I want, and my friend Payton and I will collaborate on making it a reality.

As far as what I’m going to use this blog for— I honestly  have no clue. Back in the day I had a livejournal, but blogging when you’re thirteen (did the word ‘blog’ exist then? I’m fairly sure it didn’t) should be a lot different than blogging when you’re twenty. I plan to keep it updated frequently with what I’m working on and what inspires me.

Speaking of what inspires me, my favorite blog right now:


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