First semester of Junior year: officially done.

The break didn’t set in until I came home from another long day at work this evening, and crawled in to bed and napped.

Oh sweet nap, how I missed thee.

That is how I spent the last summer: napping and working. Was it a waste? No, well.. Yes. maybe. Maybe I should have done some more designing, maybe gone on some more adventures. But despite those maybes I remember being consistently happy those entire three months, and I’ve missed it all first semester. I often hear that Junior year is the hardest, regardless of the trials of thesis Senior year. I’m proud to be half way through it, but I’m still bitter about all those lost hours I spent in the C4D (Center for Design). Oh well, I’m sure I’ll be over it within a weeks worth of naps

Although I didn’t do much illustration or design over the summer like I had planned, a new sort job fell into my lap that is a hybridization of the two— The Zupan’s Chalkboards.

Since the first day of summer, I’ve been artfully writing the specials on two giant chalkboards three times a week. I hadn’t done much hand lettering or chalk work before, so you can definitely see a progression in skill on my flickr set. Right now my goals are to get better at it within a shorter time, because it is fucking cold and unpleasant out. Last week it was so cold outside, that when I went to wash the boards clean— the water immediately froze and I couldn’t work on them. The produce guys had to unchain it and drag it inside.

Things like this and the word/quote of the week signs I do at the library, really are a great design excersize. I never know what I’m doing or have time to think until I get there, and have to just jump right in. It’s a nice contrast to the five week, over-worked stuff I have to do in school.


One response to “First semester of Junior year: officially done.

  1. great boards! i love the first sushi sign and the little king salmon. You’ve come a long way from having microscopic handwriting. sometimes i get to write the new soups on our board at work, and i do what i can with 1 or 2 failing paint pens…

    funny, your work in a coffee shop in a grocery store, and i work in a grocery store and a coffee shop. 😀

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