Charlie Brown + The Christmas That Wasn’t

This year marks a slight milestone: my first Christmas sans Family. The reason I’m not going home to Tacoma, WA is work— but a stressfull full week of work is distracting me from any homesickness I might be feeling (so I’m breaking emotionally even, right?). It’s so strange though, despite two weeks worth of unbearable Christmas tunes over the loudspeaker and mountain of Santa cookies surrounding me: I feel no sense that tomorrow is Christmas eve, or that Christmas Eve means any thing to me (where it used to mean a lot).

It’s not that I’m just now learning that Christmas really is about family and togetherness and tradition, believe me kids get fed that with every single Christmas special— its not as commercial as you think. I’m just surprised that it feels so drastically different. I’m ambivalent towards it now, which is telling me that I wasn’t before. The things we learn.

My girlfriend and I will desperately try to have some kind of Christmas-y night when I get home from work at 5:00. I’m thinking we’ll start a tradition of our own: Tofurkey, a paper tree and Pee Wee’s Christmas Special on VHS by the warmth of the space heater.

I will be going home around January 4th, and I’ll have a make-shift gift giving ceremony then. Hopefully the tree won’t be too dry, hah.


3 responses to “Charlie Brown + The Christmas That Wasn’t

  1. We’ll be missing you so much. I don’t feel very christmasy either, working so much and being away from home. Mom (incorrectly) predicted i would cry when they told me we are opening gifts christmas morning. It’s just different.

  2. Yeah she said she was very surprised at how mature I was for telling her ‘not to send the gifts and we can just wait.’ Why would I want to open gifts by myself?

    Why not Christmas Eve this year?


  3. I’m guessing Grandma wanted to do gifts in the morning. Remember the time they had us run down the stairs and grandma and grandpa’s house like we’d just woken up there?

    don’t let Krampus get you!

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