You’ll Love It, I swear.

Well I’m back home now from that belated Christmas I mentioned earlier. Guess what I got? A tablet! I hadn’t done much of anything by tablet before, so its shocking now to see what I was missing out on. So much more control! I haven’t started drawing with it yet, but I did make this:

I was just surfing around the Library of Congress gallery (a great but rarely used resourse, guys!) and found these century-old Tacoma baseball cards. When I think Tacoma history, I think of my dad. So with him in mind I made this image. The slogan “You’ll Like Tacoma” comes from the same time as this baseball team. It was written in a song promoting the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition in 1909.  Listen to it here

But you see, my dad doesn’t just like Tacoma. I’m pretty sure he loves it (hence the word change).

You might also recognize it from here:

I designed large this time, so if any of my Tacoma friends are reading this: feel free to use it as a desktop!

Crystal Castles – Vanished


2 responses to “You’ll Love It, I swear.

  1. Love it!

    i saw that song in a book of “songs of Washington” or something and kept meaning to find it for Dad.

  2. It was nice to hear that recording of You’ll like Tacoma, even if it was only the first verse. I actually sang along with it twice this fall, once at the Tacoma Chamber 125th annual meeting and also at the Tacoma Historical Society’s annual auction. P.S. August really liked the artwork you did for this.

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