Shh, don’t tell.

I was searching on YouTube for a clip from Mister Lonely (specifically the part with Abe Lincoln spinning a basketball under strobe, haha) and came across an old Letterman clip from Harmony Korine’s Gummo (97) days. Letterman was being kind of a dick to Korine and it made me reminisce about all the other times Letterman has been a dick to his guests. I just can’t stand watching the guy. If there is one thing I’m sure of:

Speaking of late-night talk shows, no shit I’m with CoCo. I’ve been watching that guy for the past seven years! Maybe whiney old Leno should just take Letterman’s job (again).

Golden Animals – Do The Roar


One response to “Shh, don’t tell.

  1. i don’t like leno or letterman 😛
    only conan ❤

    i wish i'd watched him more. but i haven't had tv reception for about 5 years.

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