My lack of posts are a symptom of school being back in session. As usual I get so piled up with homework, that I find myself barely creating anything (yes, even in art school). I’ll work on it.

One thing that hasn’t slowed down though is my furious yet aimless google image “research.” I’m sure a lot of us take the internet for granted sometimes, but one thing I’ve always appreciated whole-heartedly is image searches. One of my favorite tricks is to put “source:life” after a google search. That brings up only high-res images from the cavernous LIFE magazine archives.

“future” yields a lot of interesting results, including this photoshoot of what “The Soldier of the Future” will look like. Too hilarious to pass up, if you ask me:

Viking Moses – Werewolves in the City


One response to “FUTURESOLDIER

  1. “Run, children!!”

    i also marvel at the convenience of the internet for immediate access of information. like finding the nearest hardware store, or how to make pumpkin cookies.. BAM! all knowledge is yours.

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