21 things I learned from my 21st birthday.

  • The day before your 21st birthday, everyone tells you their “great drink ideas.”
  • The day after everyone tells you their “great trick for hangovers.”
  • I’m dangerous when blindfolded and spun around 21 times then given a stick, I have the knee bruise to prove it.
  • My strong work ethic and my not-so-strong tolerance for whiskey at 2am don’t mix well.
  • Your 21st birthday being the night before work in the morning will be the only time you get sympathy for going past your limit.
  • My girlfriend is amazingly sweet (I already knew this, but oh my goodness she takes care of me so much.)
  • No food looks or smells good the morning after, especially if there is cheese involved.
  • I have more friends than I thought I did, but its very weird to see them in one place.
  • I’m not really into hosting, but I do like decorating.
  • Once my appetite returns, all I want is a hot dog. Kosher plz.
  • I know how to make large but tasty jello shots.
  • I really can wear heels the whole night and not fall, go me.
  • Foot-Foot isn’t as shy as I thought he was.
  • Emergen-C makes a great wine enhancer.
  • Theres plenty of time to try new drinks, no need to do it all in one night.
  • Last
  • Time
  • Ever,
  • No
  • Seriously.
  • My face and the toilet seat are now close personal friends.

One response to “21 things I learned from my 21st birthday.

  1. the only time i ever got sick like that was from tequila, but it was my first trip to Mexico so i think it’s against the law NOT to try it. 🙂

    i think i’ve only drunk enough to feel the giggly effects 3 times, and the last time was rum and cokes on my 21st birthday

    hope you are feelin better!

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