Retiring Dick Wolf, my two gig flash drive

I just bought an external hard drive, that makes me a legit designer now right?

In other news, I e-stumbled upon this and had to post it:

Ah! I love it. I think the real Portland Zoo should take a cue from these local 1960’s burnouts and jazz up their look. Seriously, click that link. Papyrus isn’t the only design-crime going on here. How generic can a zoo get? You’d think with a $10.50 per person general admission, they’d spend a little bit on their online presence. Just for comparason I went to my hometown’s zoo site, a much smaller zoo mind you, and it is worlds better. Who branded the Tacoma Zoo so well you ask? The one, the only, Rusty George Creative.

Speaking of Portland, I am currently listening to Viva Voce – Alive With Pleasure


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