Kind of Blue

So I was checking up on the Paste Mag website (hey, better than Pitchfork) and I noticed the cover for their music sampler jumping out at me:

Thank goodness they use this (or a variation of) for all their music samplers. It’s gorgeous! I love jazz-cover graphics. Last year I had a book-collection of them checked out from the library that I must have renewed 20 times, I just couldn’t grasp the whole thing in the allotted three weeks. Now if only Paste could change their hideous logo. Ugh, so 1998 (did I really just say that?).

Speaking of jazz-inspired, look at these skate decks [Miles ‘59 Quintet Series] by Ian Johnson:

Charlie Parker feat. Miles Davis Moore – Moose the Mooche (Quantic Remix)


Post from flatland

The Zombies – Road Runner

Chart it up

What better way to sum up what I did at my summer internship than with a chart!

It had its hard points but, over all, I think it was an extremely successful experience. A lot of work for no pay, but completely worth the time. They trusted me with real projects and I learned a lot about the publishing industry and working in a small design department (was and remains my ideal job set-up).

In addition to completing an internship, I finished another one of my ‘summer goals’ this Sunday when I got my first tattoo! More on that later.

CocoRosie – Beautiful Boyz

Summer 2010, How’s It Hanging?

Call it dramatic, but I’m just filled with regrets. “Shoulda found a paid internship. Shouldn’t have wasted time on that unused drawing. Shoulda asked for more than a measly 20 bucks to do that menuboard. Should be thinking about my senior project…”

New Young Pony Club vs Simian Mobile Disco – Bomb Deprivation

Like A Monkey In The Zoo

Just got back from a week in my hometown, Tacoma. I get a lot more drawing done on vacations.

Unfortunately I got sick on the train back to Portland and had to stay home from my internship. On the plus side, my sick day gives me time to have a Woody Allen marathon and practice coloring in photoshop.

Currently I’m watching 1975’s Love and Death. It’s like Stripes, but in Napoleonic times and instead of Bill Murray you have Woody Allen. I couldn’t resist making a gif of that part, oh my god.

“Your skin is so beautiful” “Yes I know, it covers my whole body!”

First ‘digital painting’

Decided on a whim yesterday to try my hand at digital painting. Figured I’d choose something that I’d be happy to look at for more than a few hours, my girlfriend! It’s our three year anniversary next month. Gotta figure out what to do!

Dr. Octagon – Halfsharkalligatorhalfman


Jay-Z – D’evils.